This week’s guest: SAMM LEVINE

This week, we are very excited to welcome actor Samm Levine to the show. You might know him from things like Freaks and Geeks and Inglourious BasterdsAfter Saturday, you will know him from things like being a guest on The Late Live Show.

WHEN: Saturday November 2 @ 11:30 pm
WHERE: iO West, 6366 Hollywood Blvd

Tickets are available here while they last.

This week’s guest: JACOB VAUGHAN

We are very excited to be welcoming Jacob Vaughan, director of the new movie Bad Milo! It’s a horror comedy, so it’s a perfect fit for our spooky HALLOWEEN episode!

This Saturday at 11:30 pm at iO West.
Get your tickets HERE.

We had celebrated author Reza Aslan on our show last week, and he really went off the rails with some controversial opinions. We’re pretty shocked about this and are still recovering. Take a look.

For tickets to this week’s show, go here.

This week’s guest: REZA ASLAN

We are very excited to announce that the guest for our seventh season premiere will be best-selling author Reza Aslan. Reza’s new book is Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, which he attempted to promote during one of the craziest Fox News interviews ever.

The show is at iO West, Saturday October 19 @ 11:30 pm. Get your tickets here now before they sell out!


We are proud to announce that The Late Live Show will be returning for a special seventh season in Los Angeles of all places!

WHEN: Saturdays @ 11:30 starting on October 19
WHERE: iO West, 6366 Hollywood Blvd

Tickets are available here. Get excited.

With the sixth season over, that (for the time being) concludes The Late Live Show. From the bottom of our heart, we appreciate everyone’s support throughout all fifty episodes. If everything works out, we hope to see you again real soon.


This is it. You know the drill. Saturday, midnight, iO. Tickets while they last are here.

Is anyone better than Joe McAdam at the on-location field piece? As we wrap up The Late Live Show for good, it’s clear we should have made him do more of these.


Only two episodes left EVER! You’ll want to catch this one for sure.. We’ve got Natalie Slater from Bake and Destroy plus music from Jon Drake & the Shakes.

WHEN: This Saturday May 4 at midnight
WHERE: iO Theater, 3541 N. Clark

Tickets are still only $5, and you can grab ‘em here while you can!


Three episodes left? For the season? For ever?!? Whoa.

Better make it out to this week’s show then. We’ve got director of movies like Hannah Takes the Stairs and Drinking Buddies Joe Swanberg and music from Santah.

WHEN: This Saturday April 27 at midnight
WHERE: The iO Theater, 3541 N. Clark St

Just $5, tickets available here.